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klorane centaury extract shampoo

Klorane Centaury Extract Shampoo – White Hair (For Silver Highlights)

Klorane Centaury Extract Shampoo White Hair Silver Highlights

Klorane Centaury Extract Shampoo – White hair (Silver Highlights)

Is your hair white or gray?Does it have a tendency to become yellow or dull?Use Klorane Shampoo with Centaury to enhance the radiance of your hair and protect it from yellowing.Centaury extract was specifically selected for its anti-yellowing action for white or gray hair.

Thanks to the combination of a gentle emulsifying base, which makes the hair supple and gives it volume, and Klorane Centaurea extract, the Klorane shampoo with Centaury enhances the natural radiance of white or gray hair by giving it gentle silver highlights.It is just highlights, not coloring, because the effect is external.The shampoo does not contain any synthetic colorant.Hypoallergenic.

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